Bitcoin turning into an irreplaceable solution for Internet users

There is no doubt BTC is to play a major role in transforming the field of virtual entertainment by making it more advanced and meeting modern day criteria.

The much talked about cryptocurrency is, in actual fact, a cutting-edge tech that is now in the process of revolutionizing the entire worldwide web. Since the moment Internet came to our lives over two decades ago, the humanity has been witnessing the rapid development of certain industries than the Internet accommodated, the best example probably being the area of virtual gambling. Over the years, it has become one of the most advanced and technology-intensive parts of the web, even despite the numerous attempts of regulators in many states to tighten the screws on it.

In fact, with the help of Bitcoin integration, it will be much easier for the industry of online casino gaming to circumvent the existing restrictions, for one simple reason: BTC is not deemed money, therefore payments in it, including those made or received by Bitcoin casino customers, are not governed by according laws. Thus, Bitcoin makes a perfect payment solution for both the virtual casino houses and their customers, and not only that, as it has actually been capable of establishing an entirely new kind of Internet business model. Despite the fact nowadays only about a third of all online gambling portals offer payments in BTC to their players, the number of Bitcoin-friendly casinos is expected to grow increasingly.

Of those gaming portals, many have already been able to make a name for themselves. For instance,, which has been operational for a couple of years now, offers a wide range of games and other wagering opportunities to its customers, at the same time boasting a hugely generous set of bonuses and promotional offers. Apart from it, this casino features a lucrative VIP-program for their players, and also has a built-in sportsbook and lottery section in store.

The overall impact of Bitcoin on the industry of Internet gambling has been so great it actually started to influence the area of video games, too, with the latter now also being likely to follow the path taken by Bitcoin casinos. Earlier this year, the Steam gaming platform officially announced they were going to introduce Bitcoin payments for their customers, and this was a really fantastic news for many thousands Steam users. Indeed, Bitcoin is far more convenient and cost-efficient means of payment to be used online, not to mention the fact it also enables us to transfer funds anonymously, and, no less importantly, instantaneously, i.e. within a matter of seconds.

There is no doubt Bitcoin is to play a crucial role in transforming the industry of virtual entertainment by making it more advanced and meeting modern day criteria, the more so that the advent of the integral virtual reality tech is also on the horizon.