I feel much more relaxed and even-minded about my week’s trading performance since I wrote my journal entry earlier today. It is as if putting the details of my week’s trades into a journal entry has cleansed them from my mind.

I spent most of yesterday and much of this morning mentally beating myself up for having missed such good trading opportunities. I even knew that there would be plenty more opportunities to take advantage of in the future but it didn’t keep me from picking over the corpse of my failed trades.

The mess-ups still rankled and it was only by putting pen to paper (or more accurately fingers to keyboard) that I was able to clean them out. By turning the trades over in my mind and examining them in fine detail and then having to form the words it’s as if I’ve done a post-mortem on them. I have learned as much as I can from the experience for now. There’s no point in dwelling on them any more; nothing more to be gained.

This is one of the great benefits of having a trading journal. The very act of writing about my trades let’s me learn from them and move on. I will also be able to derive additional benefits from these trades and my reactions to them when I return to review the trades and how I responded at a future date.

On a slightly different note, I finally received my copy of Millionaire Traders yesterday. This is the new book from Kathy Lien and Boris Schlossberg. I’ve read the two of the interviews out of the twelve contained within the book so far. While the interviews are interesting I really have to question whether there was even an editor working on this book.

There are a ton of grammatical errors in the text, along with some utterly inexcusable punctuation mistakes. Very sloppy indeed.