Currency Secrets review of BWILC

Ryan Sheehy at Currency Secrets has posted a review of Bird Watching In Lion Country.

He highlights the positives and negatives that he got out of reading the book, which fall broadly in line with his more technical orientated trading background. The ambiguity that Ryan describes is totally understandable when first coming to grips with the more fundamentals based approach that underpins the 4×1 methodology. If you are a technical trader who is used to having very cut and dry signals being given by the patterns or indicators that you are using, then the more free floating nature of trading using Dirk’s method can seem pretty counter-intuitive.

I do like Ryan’s suggestion that a more step-by-step approach of how trades are placed and managed in ‘real-time’ would be a useful addition to the book. It would allow the first-time reader a chance to see how the 4×1 methodology that has just been detailed for them is used. While the events and price movements in any such demonstration would be unique for the time being discussed it would still serve as a great example of how applicable the 4×1 methodology is to real life trading.

If Dirk ever gets around to writing an updated version of the book, I would hope that he would consider adding such an addition.